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Sensing the world without batteries

Crisis-proof with endiio.

Know everything about your assets despite the distance!

Your expert for the simple implementation of wireless and maintenance-free sensor networks in industry.

The endiio modular system for the fast and easy implementation of a new generation of IoT solutions

endiio wireless Module

The endiio Module allows customers to rapidly implement IoT solutions. The innovation endiio technology also means that our module creates great optimisation potential for existing solutions.

endiio Gateway

The endiio Gateway acts as a central interface that connects tens of thousands of endiio technology-supported sensors with the internet or a local network.

endiio Cloud

The endiio Cloud provides real-time access to all network data. The user can also easily configure the entire network.

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Industry 4.0

endiio offers a very robust, real time industrial IoT solution that has very low energy consumption. This makes endiio the perfect industry partner on the road to digitalisation and makes your company ready for the future. Benefit from the advantages of condition monitoring: Optimised energy consumption, very low maintenance cost and less downtime thanks to predictive maintenance.

Digitalisation of machines in real time

endiio wireless technology is a trendsetting technology for the automation and optimisation of production processes. M2M communication with endiio allows for real time and robust data exchange in production. Machines or systems can be upgraded cost-effectively.

Maintenance-free building monitoring

The maintenance-free monitoring of buildings has been a real challenge up to now. However, endiio wireless technology offers a innovative solution. endiio allows you to have wireless monitoring systems that monitor all sensors in real time and come with minimal operating and installation costs.

Are you planning on implementing a new IoT solution?

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What makes endiio different?

There are numerous IoT radio technologies on the market that very quickly reach their limits when networking sensors. None of the standard technologies on the market, such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, WIFI, Z-Wave or Enocean, are able to combine energy efficiency and accessibility to the same extent, e.g. to keep the operating costs of secure and robust sensor networks low.

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Battery lifeYearsYearsYearsYearsDecades
RangeVery highLowVery highMediumMedium
Running costsMediumLowMediumMediumLow
Installation costsMediumMediumHighHighLow
Firmware updates over the air
Tailored programmable network
Hardware security
100% Real time communication
Mesh network + low power
Integrated Node-Red
Produktvergleich - Funktechnologie

What endiio customers say

“At B+B, we develop and produce high quality temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. Quality and reliability are of the greatest importance to us. During the course of our Industry 4.0 offensive, endiio allows us to offer our customers wireless and very robust IoT solutions with minimal operating and installation costs, so that we can easily generate the necessary measured values and data for the digitalisation process”