endiio’s IoT radio network makes Bluetooth and ZigBee look old fashioned

The Internet of Things lacks radio standards which are simultaneously energy-saving, reliable and wide-reaching. endiio wants to close these gaps and offer developers of IoT products an attractive alternative which can be implemented in a very short space of time.

Wanted: Reliable, spontaneous radio standard

The Internet of Things is starting to enter factories, companies, schools, and private households. The fields of application are diverse: Photovoltaic systems, automation of factory organisation or intelligent safety sensors for fire protection. All cases require a reliable radio standard which relays the relevant action commands in real time. Up till now, however, no radio standard has been enforced. Many well-established alliances (including ZigBee and LoraWan) are working at full speed on the perfect IoT radio standard and are fighting for dominance in the market of networked things. One start-up now wants to surpass all of them and establish a new radio standard: endiio.