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Sensing the world without batteries

Crisis-proof with endiio.

Know everything about your assets despite the distance!

Your expert for the simple implementation of wireless and maintenance-free sensor networks in industry.

What do we do?

endiio digitizes analog systems and machines
endiio realizes maintenance-free and wireless sensor systems


Based on the endiio sensor platform and our know-how in the following areas:

  • Consulting

  • Low power hardware design

  • Embedded software system design

  • Data analysis & interpretation

  • Communication & security

  • High frequency technology

The modular system enables quick and easy implementation of predictive maintenance

endiio wireless Module

endiio supplies various hardware modules, from the circuit board for the development of an individual IoT solution to the Retrofit Box, with which sensor units can be easily retrofitted. The Retrofit Box continuously records machine measurement data such as magnetic field, vibration and temperature.

endiio Gateway

This data is then transmitted wirelessly to the IoT gateway, where it is collected and forwarded to the central asset management — the cloud monitoring portal.

endiio Cloud

The endiio solution includes both hardware and software. endiio offers a cloud-based software solution for monitoring and analysis. Applications automatically recognize trend changes and operating times in the endiio analytics portal. The analyzed system data are monitored, processed and visualized with mobile devices.

The advantages at a glance

  • Simple and maintenance-free

    Wireless sensor networks can be implemented easily and maintenance-free in industry. Thanks to the universal technology from endiio, information is transported from A to B regardless of the type of sensor and reported to a central location. endiio networks sensors wirelessly and for decades with the lowest operating costs.

  • Robust and safe

    The endiio solution is designed for the highest demands of the industrial environment and is maintenance-free and fail-safe even under the most adverse conditions. Thanks to the latest endiio technology, data collisions can be prevented and the highest security requirements can be guaranteed.

  • Predictive maintenance

    When monitoring the condition of machines and systems, endiio determines the optimal time for maintenance, which ensures a better overview, predictability and cost efficiency. Thanks to innovative wake-up technology and on-demand queries, the solution is also energy-saving and offers an extremely long battery life even at full capacity.

  • Retrofit

    The endiio solution is simple, quick and economic and can also be integrated into existing systems at a later date. It does not have to be imported into the existing machine control. Despite the low investment costs, the solution offers enormous savings potential. endiio even enables remote transmission for the first time, which would otherwise not be possible.

  • Crisis-proof

    Thanks to low investment costs and enormous savings potential, endiio can also be implemented in times of crisis — with endiio, companies are even more crisis-proof. Another advantage is that presence times in the company can be reduced because monitoring is possible from anywhere.

  • Tailor-made applications

    endiio offers a cost-efficient implementation of IoT applications with which all benefits of predictive maintenance can be generated. Thanks to a central collection point for all data and a cloud for analysis, monitoring and visualization is also possible via mobile devices and thus also in the home office.

The endiio wireless sensors are the only sensors that have passed our endurance test. The robustness has astonished and convinced us.

Torsten Berth

Vice Director, Engineering HV


With the endiio solution, we were able to identify bearing damage on a guide roll of our paper machine at an early stage and thus avoid an expensive downtime. We are happy to have found the endiio solution.

Matthias Pieper

Head of Technical Department

KÄMMERER  Spezialpapiere GmbH


And many more!

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