Is contactless plant condition monitoring really possible?

As the manufacturer of a sensor platform, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative sensor technologies which we can bundle with our platform. A further step in this process is the integration of an innovative optical measurement technology paired with the endiio technology.

What for?

Although our retrofit concept for the subsequent and non-invasive integration of condition monitoring can be implemented very easily and quickly, we recognize that many of our customers face special challenges. These are, for example, the monitoring of a hot, dry or small surface or integration during operation.

How does it work?

The innovative SMLD sensor (Self Mixing Laser Diode) makes it possible to measure acceleration, distance changes or vibrations at distances of up to 3 meters. What is especially convincing is the accuracy of the sensor – with ranges of < 100Hz it is unbeatable when compared to MEMS sensors.

The system makes the implementation very simple and extremely cost-effective, even in target applications with high technical challenges, e.g. for monitoring transformers, steam traps and paper machine bearings.