endiio at the award ceremony of the Houskapreis 2018

This year, endiio is one of the lucky nominees for the Houskapreis 2018 with its Low Power Wake-UP System.

On the 26th of April, at 6:00 pm, the award ceremony will take place in a festive atmosphere in the Museumsquartier.

With the Houskapreis, B&C Privatstiftung supports economically oriented research projects. The Houskapreis is one of the largest private research prizes in Austria and aims to support research activities and innovations of projects of high economic relevance. The research project „Low Power Wake UP“ by endiio will be presented in the category „Research & Development in SME“.

endiio has developed a radio communication technology for IoT that combines real-time capability and energy efficiency. With the Wake-up Technology, sensors are awakened when needed – so stored data is constantly available and can be used at any time. The Low Power Wake-Up System is fast, flexible and energy-efficient – making it much more effective and efficient than traditional wireless technologies.

In addition to speed and flexibility, the patented Wake-up Radio Technology is characterized by robustness and durability. endiio’s communication technology enables intelligent and energy-autonomous retrofitting of machines, tools and systems. Since the Low Power Wake UP system can be used in many ways in industry and production, it can help sustainably strengthen Austria as a technology and business location.