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Sensing the world without batteries

endiio is an IoT sensor platform based on a real-time low power technology
for the easy and maintenance-free implementation of wireless sensor networks for the industry.

Together with Telocate GmbH, endiio is developing a self-calibrating ultra low power UWB system as part of the IoT4Industry project “UP-SCALE”. More…

Over 160 companies from all over Europe applied for HTVD19 — Europe’s leading match making and funding program for high-tech companies & international investors, and endiio was elected as one of the 40 best European Hightech Startups! More…

With “Retrofit4Paper”, endiio is participating in IoT4Industry, a project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union. “Retrofit4Paper” is an extremely low power, retrofittable IoT sensor platform for predictive maintenance in papermaking. More…

The endiio modular system for the fast and easy implementation of a new generation of IoT solutions

endiio wireless Module

The endiio Module allows customers to rapidly implement IoT solutions. The innovation endiio technology also means that our module creates great optimisation potential for existing solutions.

endiio Gateway

The endiio Gateway acts as a central interface that connects tens of thousands of endiio technology-supported sensors with the internet or a local network.

endiio Cloud

The endiio Cloud provides real-time access to all network data. The user can also easily configure the entire network.

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Use Cases


Measuring rooms

The latest innovation from ZEISS is TEMPAR® wireless. It has the same features and benefits as TEMPAR® but is now completely wireless thanks to the endiio technology.


 High voltage

The endiio wireless technology is ideal even for the most extreme areas of the industry. The robust solution enables condition monitoring in high-voltage environments, so that, for example, transformers and power lines can be monitored.


Drives and motors

With endiio’s retrofittable digitizing solution, drives can be networked easily and without complex modifications, and information can be centrally evaluated. Machines are networked wirelessly and no special know-how is needed. The robust endiio radio system is designed for use in industrial environments and allows for longer ranges.

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